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Re: You want to use Shutter Priority not Aperture Priority


Thank you for the well reasoned comments - I'm coming around to using the camera as you previously described, i.e. one of the semi-manual modes with DR 400%. offers more flexibility than the EXR modes.  And I do understand the issues with small sensors; diffraction, dof, etc.  One of my disappointments with the camera is the large raw size, in almost all cases even though the image size is 8mp the raw file size tends to be 25mb, rarely and in only very specific circumstances (EXR SN, high ISO) does the file size shrink to 13mb.  Therefore I'm swinging over to my normal shooting mode being jpeg, and just using raw for specific situations.

I've experimented with continuous focus, seems to work better on the F900 than other P&Ss I"ve used, maybe because of the phase detect focus.  However, I'm reluctant to make it my normal mode, don't want to give up the re-compose capability, too bad there isn't a button that can be configured for focus lock.

Right now for walk-about usage I'm using A mode with auto iso set to 3200 and the IS configured to continuous + motion.  I need to experiment more, but the camera seems to up the shutter speed reasonably if there is any significant motion in the scene, and I get good focus even though I'm not in continuous af.  I've taken note of your suggestions and will try several combinations.

Richard Southworth

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