What is the best digital camera for photographing fast moving objects? (sports, children, animals)

Started Apr 9, 2013 | Questions thread
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Impartial view: a D3200 2-lens kit for <$800

Shop carefully and you'll be able to find Nikon D3200 2-lens kits.  The camera is quite adequate for sports or action photography.  Very likely, you'd never need anything else.  Cameras that cost twice as much won't be much better, if at all, in any decent light.

I am not a Nikon fan, but merely know from experience that the D3XXXX series offer great bang for the buck, especially if offered with two lenses.  For the money, the lenses are a good deal.

To this day, the DSLR design with mirror is still best for sports action, bird in flight, and so forth.  The mirrorless cameras are improving but still trail a bit when it comes to fast action, and the lenses are not cheap.

The Canon T3i or T4i models might be a good option too, except that they tend to be marketed with only one lens.

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