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Re: lighting question

Sailor Blue wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Note: It would be helpful if you went back to your DPR profile and entered your COUNTRY of residence. Then we could refer to it when considering which equipment would likely be available where you are.

As it is, you haven't given us a clue where you are in the world, so we have no idea what you might be able to buy locally

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Don't be silly Barrie, he's in the US. If he weren't, he would write where he is.

And from the "dk" in your user name I assume you are from Germany.

See why it is important to let us know where you are from?

+1 on flash.

-10 on hot-shoe flash.

Portraiture is all about highlights and shadows to give the face a 3D appearance and to flatter the subject by sculpting the face with light.

Studio strobes have modeling lights that lets the photographer "see the light".  Hot-shoe flash units don't.  Beginners NEED to be able to see the light - heck even the most experienced portrait photographers use studio strobes with modeling lights to make sure they get the lighting right.

Frankly, unless you have many years of experience you are kidding yourself if you think that you can set up a portrait session with hot-shoe flash units and hit the lighting without going through a dozen test shots.  Joe McNally might be able to do it but he is one of the very few in the world, and he uses studio strobes in his studio.

Joe McNally’s Blog

If you really are in the US, Alien Bees or Paul C Buff Einsteins is your way to go.

Here we agree.  The best bang for the buck, but get Einsteins if you can afford them.

If you want low price, learn from the strobist who uses inexpensive battery flashes. The modeling lights of strobes is an advantage, but one gets the hang of it with time - I hope.

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Easy now, Sailor

If you would care to look up my profile, you would see I'm in Denmark, so there's no need to place me in Germany (which is de, btw). But sarcasm was once again misunderstood in a post - I thought it was so thick, that anybody would see it, but obviously that was not the case. I think that most members here, who does not disclose their country of residence, does not imagine there's a world outside of the US developed enough to know about photography

I use studio strobes myself for portraiture of exactly the reasons you mention. You always warn posters here against buying cheap strobes, and I totally agree, but if budget is an issue, you are IMHO better served with battery flashes than with continuous lights or cheap strobes. YMMV.

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