Accurately comparing FF vs APS-C sensor performance? An open discussion.

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the problem with this analysis

is that you have chosen to measure some specific variables

without commenting on how accurate or otherwise your measurements or sources are you miss a big thing about larger sensor vs smaller, that is the amount of light collected per unit area of lens glass

its a well known fact that FF lenses don't have to work as hard as APS-c lenses. What does this mean ? It means that a lower quality FF lens will look sharper then a higher quality APS-C lens as imperfections in the glass are magnified more for smaller sensors (although conversely FF sensors require more glass and therefore higher tolerances).

there are other differences but putting technicals aside I find them large in the real world.

for example i still think the landmark Canon 5D produces sharper pictures then any APS-C camera made today (and the nikon D700 for that matter). i am talking about base ISO of course.

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