Strange things - ideas please.

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Strange things - ideas please.

Anyone any ideas on this strange situation?

First, am not exactly bothered as now know how to correct the problem but it would be nice to hopefully find out "why".

Desktop running Win7 Ultimate - have this on internal SATA drive but also 3 x Internal IDE drives, one having XP-PRO - so I can, by selecting at startup, boot into XP when required - I have a couple of programmes I regularly use that have no equivalent for Win7.  For example - one is Inksaver - that enables lower ink consumption when printing a quantity of such as society newsletters - only works with refillables or CIS due Epson chips counting the page throughput - not ink use of course.  Anyway - that’s just info on why I still use XP on occasions and simpler than sorting a Virtual XP machine (I’ve tried that!).

Here’s a specific example of what happens when Win7 updates, as it did today.  The update shows as being done (today was 7) during power down time.  On next starting the computer - it will simply get to a black screen with a top left flashing cursor.  I use the three finger salute (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and then DEL to enter BIOS SETUP, where I have to reset the boot sequence as it has (always) changed to show the Floppy as first to use with the three external USBs as next to use.  (If I don’t do this, it will simply keep ending with the black screen and flashing cursor)  If I then click to Save and restart - it will then go into XP, despite setting the SATA Win7 disc as first device and the IDE disc with XP as second.

So, then have to let XP load and then click to Restart.  Then enter SETUP again and reset boot order again.  This time it will start, go into the pre-Win7 "updating Windoze - please wait" and then it reboots when that has been done.  Then flashing cursor time again - so have to restart and reset the boot sequence again or it will again boot into the XP.

Then restart after resetting the boot sequence and it will then go into Win7 - with all the messages about waiting - until finally can get into Win7.  Obviously, I can shortcut this now that I know what is required but it is a strange situation and can occur every time a Win7 update occurs.  Why?  What on Earth does a Win7 update have to do with the BIOS boot order changes?  Anyone, out of curiosity, have any thoughts on the matter?

It is not a boot trojan or anything like that - am 100% sure of that and have even used the recovery to use FIXBOOT but it still occurs every time Win7 gets updated.  By the way - if XP gets updated - next time I start it will start straight into XP - so have to do the BIOS boot sequence to get Win7.

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