What's the problem, Olympus? Can't you make this lens better?

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Re: What's the problem, Olympus? Can't you make this lens better?

PAUL TILL wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

M43 is known for the best lens range for mirrorless cameras and there are many stellar lenses. 35mm equivalent is a very important FL, and what most people would regard as the the FL to get if they can have only one single prime, hence its popularity throught camera history.

I thought our natural view was 50mm full frame or 35mm equivalent, so you should be thinking about a 25mm lens on M4/3rds.

I've seen different opinions on this.   Regardless, the FOV desired was only said to be popular.   I only recently found a 35mm FOV to be highly desirable, because 40mm was often too narrow for my wants, and 24mm too wide.  It had nothing to do with this 'natural FOV', and certainly a 25mm µ4/3 lens would not be a substitute.   I would have been extremely disappointed in the Oly 17mm if I had not found satisfaction using one of the options Sergey listed.  The only reason I did and he didn't is we have somewhat different purposes/objectives in mind.

Not that the rant and lecturing towards manufacturers will do any good - I'm of the opinion that if it were easy we'd have all the lenses we could want.  After all, this format was designed with optical compromises in mind.  But it's an evolving system still, and we have to have some patience while their R&D on glass already available builds on R&D for glass we still are waiting to see.

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