I need a 220v -240v 2500ws flash that can travel.????

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Barrie Davis
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Re: I need a 220v -240v 2500ws flash that can travel.????

Peter Berressem wrote:

michael lipman wrote:

Hey I need a 240v 2500ws flash that can travel.???? ANd is not profoto at 35 lbs at $10,000

it is too heavy and too expensive. Acute 2 does not travel well in my experinence.

Speedotron makes a force 10 /220v but maybe you all know more than me.

Elinchrom 1200rx sounds like it might be ok but what do you all think?

Does it travel well? Is it really as bright as a 2500pack and head ?

Bowens 1500ws ? IS it really that bright as a 1500ws should be ?

Yes, the 1500 w/s Bowens mono unit does meet its specification correctly. But 1500 isn't 2500..[??]

It is also not the most convenient unit to use with a large softboxes, I find.

The unit is quite long, front to back, which means the down-force from the weight of the softbox is exerted at a sufficient distance from the tilt clamp, which is at the central pivot point, that the clamp fails to grip properly, and the unit sags. There are ways around this inconvenience, but most are somewhat crude-looking, and don't appear so professional in front of the client..

Any one use the comet 800 monolight?

Anyone using a Godex 1000ws ? is this a good and reliable flash?

Old Balcar monolights can be 3000ws might be a good choice?

????Any thoughts

Firstly, you require 2500Ws (from one head, right?). Next you list contemporary 1200Ws units and older antique units down to 800Ws. Tell us more exactly what you really need, i.e. what's behind the story!

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cheers, Peter

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