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Re: Sony service center can solve the problem for you..

I have an A77, wear spectacles, and have the same problems in bright sunlight with the EVF. But shading the gap between EVF & my eyebrows with a hand, cap peak, or hat brim improves it a lot, the better the shading the better the result. I often wear a black scarf when out shooting because it comes in handy as a black background for flowers or a snuffer of reflections in glass. So now I tend to wear a baseball-type peaked cap when it's bright. I can swivel the peak about to provide shade from the brightest direction. When the sun is at the most awkward angle with respect to the EVF I can simply throw a flap of the scarf over the peak & camera to solve the problem. A similar technique works for the LCD in bright conditions.

I get the impression from reviews that the A90O's OVF is among the biggest & brightest ever made. I've never tried one. My experience of digital camera OVFs comes from my A350 & A550. In all but the brightest conditions the A77 EVF is immensely superior to those dim & cramped OVFs just as a viewfinder, forget all its other useful attributes. It's annoyingly inferior in bright sunlight, but all you have to do is shade it.  Another trick is to turn up the exposure to brighten the EVF for composition, & turn it back down for taking the shot.

I'm quite happy trading that bright light inferiority to buy all the other advantages of the EVF.

I might feel differently most of my photography was outdoors in bright sunlight. In that case I might look into adding the optional extra bigger brighter LCD with its built in shade.

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