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Re: Kim ...

Lloydy wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Lloydy wrote:

A couple of painters go into a bar and get really drunk ...

Note - Both images were taken at roughly the same time of year and same time of day and in similar lighting conditions. Not by design, simply happenstance.

There is no h in crappenstance ...

Seriously, we all know that HR mode is a joke with distant foliage and hair ... but some people insist on showing it over and over instead of shooting the camera competently ...

... Your comments may be illuminating except for the fact that nothing was shot in HR mode. Read before you respond. An age old adage but you never listen.

However, what you could do, and to perhaps redeem yourself, is shoot distance foliage/scene, as I have done, and show your 'untouched' results at 100% - I dare you.

Shooting close subjects, and displaying them at thumbnail size, bears absolutely no relevance to shooting 'wide' subjects and displaying them at 100% and showing the 'warts and all'. That is where your reviews consistently fail. No large images and nothing straight from camera. All doctored.

As Fuji is now your 'bread and butter' link to your commercial blog, I doubt you will acquiesce to the challenge. But then you never have.

Waiting with baited breath. Have no idea what baited breath is though.

The next set is a conversion from Raw, in Lightroom, with default settings, at left, and the Jpeg from the ten year old 8 mp camera at right.

Another crappenstance?

You can draw your own conclusions.

Have done long ago ...

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I dared him to even PP my samples but he just fled like a dog who cannot wag his tail anymore.

-=[ Joms ]=-

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