17-35mm f2.8L or 17-40mm f4L help me choose

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Re: 17-35mm f2.8L or 17-40mm f4L help me choose

JoshuaHufford wrote:

I want a good quality wide angle lens. I have a Tamron 17-35mm F2.8-4 right now, its an OK lens, but the focus is slow, and it vignettes in the corners at 17mm in my 5D. I'm tired of using cheap lenses and ready to move up. I have my eye on these two lenses, and will be buying used. The 17-40mm is cheaper, gives me a bit more zoom range, but obviously the 17-35mm is quite a bit faster. I mostly shoot outdoors in daylight, so will the F2.8 be much of an advantage for me? I will probably use this lens for some astrophotography from time to time, so maybe the extra speed will help? In my experience you usually have to stop the lens down to about F5 or F6 to sharpen up the edges, but I've never had an L series lens, so would the F2.8 be sharp to the edge wide open? Are there other advantages to the 17-35mm that I'm missing? Thanks very much for your input.

I believe that the Tamron is an ok lens. I have the IF version and the focus is reasonably fast and quiet. I compared mine to friends 17-40, which has much better build and slightly better corners, but the difference is not big. Canon also has simpler distortion, (but both needs correction anyway). From what I know, the 17-35/2.8 is slightly inferior opticaly to 17-40/4, but of course the 2.8 is nice and it can be bought cheap.

the 17-40 is a decent lens, but I'm afraid, that for a real upgrade, you have to go for either 16-35 mkI or mkII.

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