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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

Febs wrote:

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Too bright in dim light, too dim in bright light.

This has nothing to do with exposure as most here simply assume - it's that EVF have a very very limited capability to illuminate the image, the amount of light required to drown out the light leakage if you have to use the EVF with glasses (spectacles) is simply not available for them, especially if your eye is adapted to a bright environment. On the other side of the scale if your eye is adapted to a dim environment even the lowest illumination setting on an EVF is too bright for comfort.

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Karl Günter Wünsch

Hallo Karl Günter,

There's some truth to your statement, however after using the A99 EVF for only one week, I already prefer it over the optical viewfinder of the A900, which was pretty awesome. I don't find it too bright in dark environment but pretty optimal in terms of luminosity. In overcast and mildly sunny weather I prefer it as well because it shows me how the exposure will look like. It's only in bright conditions that I find it a pain to use.

Greetings, Fabian

I wear glasses and I had think what I did with my A37 which is probably worst than the A900 or possibly not. The sun did shine through the clouds by some miracle for about 10 minutes just now and I instinctively shaded the eyepiece. One thing I did do when I struggled with binoculars was to get my optician to set me up some really narrow glasses as close to the pupil as possible and they do help. I find the eye relief on cameras is poor as they do not have fold back cups so I find I cannot see the full frame with the A37 or the A200 and the short eye relief spectacles help this. It is interesting as I think the NX11 I had was a bit brighter but not such good resolution. I have found that the better resolution viewfinders can be a a bit more difficult in bright light probably as the extra detail flattens contrast. Always swings and roundabouts.

I think on balance the equivalence to camera exposure makes it more useful than a DSLR but as I have been advised by others I should be using the histogram really, not that I always do.

I think you will get used to it and a peaked cap will help as suggested. It will have to be worn uncool of course with the peak over the eyepiece, unless that has become cool again, I lose touch with these things as I have been through so many fashion cycles.

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