Kit Lens Upgrade vs Buying a new DSLR

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Re: Kit Lens Upgrade vs Buying a new DSLR

First you have to think what you want to do with the new  lens.

Do you want to do long tele shots (like wildlife, details of buildings etc) then a long zoom lens is a good choice. The 18-200mm lenses are nice, lenses, but expensive and large. You can go for the 55-210mm lens (cheap but quite good) and swap lenses. This makes your Nex small(er) when it can and large(er) when you need the range.

When you want wider zoom you can go for the 10-18 F4 zoom lens (not cheap!) and enjoy the range that is great for interior shots and architecture shots in small streets.

When you want the best IQ you should go for primes (non zooming) lenses. The dirt cheap Sigma 19 and 30mm lens (both 2.8). Or the (faster) Sony primes (like the 35mm 1.8, the 50mm 1.8) But you will miss the zoom...

And you can buy the LE-AE2 adapter and some A-mount lenses. You will win in focus speed, but your camera will be a little bigger when you need the (better (zoom) lenses

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