Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

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Re: Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

Andrew McP wrote:

While attempting to do a good deed last week I dropped my camera a few feet onto a hard surface. It wasn't obviously damaged and worked perfectly afterwards... unless I tried to zoom beyond about 80. Then it jammed (as the lens pulls back before heading out on the long zoom) and made horrible noises before turning itself off.

After some experimentation the zoom is very unhappy indeed.

Now so am I. The camera cost me about £250 (after Canon Cashback) before Christmas. Estimated cost of repair? £180! That includes the cost of a new optical assembly, which might not be required, but I'm certainly not going to gamble that kind of money on a repair.

Oh well, I still have a perfectly functioning 24-75mm SX50. It could be worse.

The last time I killed a camera was in 1984. My precious first camera, a Praktica MTL5, fell off my bed at university and didn't survive. I was devastated at the time. At least now I can afford to replace the SX50... eventually. For the time being I plan on sulking a lot and cursing my stupidity.

Of course my biggest problem is that after my disappointment with the SX50's viewfinder I'm thinking about the FZ200 again. It's almost worth £180 not to have to go through all that indecision again.

You have been warned! :->

that sux  mate , i feel for you .

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