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paulkienitz wrote:

Having a clearly located place for the eye to rest is an overrated photographic value IMHO.  Many of the pictures I feel are my best are ones that have no particular point of focus, and detail throughout.  Needless to say, other people don't tend to prefer them as much as I do.  I attribute this partly to a difference of temperament, and partly to everyone being raised on the kind of photography that's used in advertising.  I like this picture of yours.

Very interesting thoughts, Paul, on different type of pictures and the way we have been trained to look at them - raised with ads.

I do think that there is also a tradition with detail laden pics - I can stare for a long time at a lot of pics of Hieronymus Bosch for example, or the peasant paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. They fascinate because there is so much to see and discover.

Ah, this reply to Paul preempted me, Phil.  I looked at your shot last night just before bed so I deferred comment.  Overnight I thought of it in the context of Bosch and Bruegel gor just the reasons you say.

It also put me in mind of those records of 19th century art shows with pictures from floor to (high) ceiling and wall to wall.  As with your shot, the individual pictures were "composed" by rule but the overall record was as much about the socil side of things as anything else.

As you'll have gathered, I rather like your shot and the way you've treated it.

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