Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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Re: Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.
Perform an experiment.   Walk into a room you never been to before, look around for a second, and leave.    See if your super advanced 'sensors' and brain will allow you to recall the level of detail you would obtain by snapping 2-3 shots in the same room with a camera and a wide angle lens.    Another experiment.     Look at a crowd of people waiting at a busy intersection, try to count the number of men and women.    Got that?    Now, using just the visual information compiled by your amazing system in your head, tell me how many of them wore glasses?

Your memory test is irrelevant to this, please elaborate more on how this has anything to do with light vector modeling.

The human eyes have Macular indentation in the middle to provide information on the lights direction of travel, thats why people born without Macular indentations don't have any depth perception.

there are fundamental differences in how the humans sees to how a camera sees, humans see by adding assumed information, the brain has to make assumptions.

it is this exact ability, an integrated system can have, but a camera will not; the system knows in real time all these accurate information that a brain needs to assume.

we don't need a quantum computer to do this, a computer of similar processing power to our brain is enough.

Also your information and arguments are far weaker than the other guy, you should work harder.

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