What makes good bokeh?

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Re: What makes good bokeh?

Juned D Prasetyo wrote:

What exactly is make some lenses give a more pleasing creamy bokeh than others? With the same focal lenght and aperture. Some said the more aperture blade give more round aperture therefore, give more pleasing bokeh.

Bokeh describes the rendering of out of focus points. It is a function of many factors where the shape of the aperture is just one.

Complex lenses often display the effect of the various aberrations in the out of focus areas very clearly. The different colors from a point travel different ways through the lens before they come together in the focus point. But out of focus this could be quite disturbing. Also points toward the edges of the image do not use the whole cross section of some parts of the lens which make the shape of the out of focus spot ugly.

This has little to do with certain glass types. I would say ED glass will make the bokeh better rather than worse.

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