What makes good bokeh?

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Re: What makes good bokeh?

Juned D Prasetyo wrote:

I just curious. What exactly is make some lenses give a more pleasing creamy bokeh than others? With the same focal lenght and aperture. Some said the more aperture blade give more round aperture therefore, give more pleasing bokeh. But what if both lenses set on the widest aperture? Which ofcourse not involving any aperture blade shape. Is it because of lens material? Or are there other reasons?

You are right, aperture blades are not that much important for bokeh. Wide open, they not involved, closed down the bokeh can be pleasing even when not fully round.

Light intensity in bokeh is not even. Such unevenness is caused by optical design. If more light is concentrated around edges than in center, the result will not be smooth.

I have written a whole article on that:


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