Monopod for tall photographers

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Re: Monopod for tall photographers

Nick_Brisbane wrote:

I am 6'2 around 188 cm tall. Does anyone know of a monopod that extends to around 180 at least. Most seem to be around 169 cms.

Gitzo has a few:

- GM3350XL - Aluminium - 186cm

- GM3550 - Carbon - 192cm

- GM3551 - Carbon -192cm

Benro (more affordable):

- A49T - Aluminum - 193cm

- C49T - Carbon - 185cm

I almost bought the Benro C49T myself, but got a really good deal on a Jobu Design monopod which had enough height for me since I am using a tilt head. I am 185cm and do not have to fully extend the Jobu Design (163cm) because the head and lens collar add enough height.

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