LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: "Envelope" is a more useful concept than "equivalence" IMHO

Cyril Catt wrote:

Aha! Detail Man at last! The OP asked if the LX7’s IQ competes with the Sony RX100’s. Unfortunately, rather than getting pictures of the same subjects from both cameras in order to compare directly, we have become bogged down in all sorts of theoretical ephemera an interesting facts.

I've rarely seen any truly meaningful "direct pic comparisons" posted on these forums, ... ever. There is always something, or two or three things, that are not directly comparable. Sigh ...

If I can paraphrase him correctly, in ultimitsu’s universe, the RX100’s has a better IQ partly because its f1.8 lens is faster than the LX7’s f1.4 lens. In my universe, and that of a few other posters, an f1.4 lens is always faster than an f1.8 lens, but that does not enter into any argument about IQ.

Read my post a few above:


I spent a good bit of time comparing specs. There is plenty that is meaningful (and not "ephemeral" or irrelevant) to be surmised from the technical comparison. It has a "summary".

Have you an opinion on this particular dilemma?

I think that anybody who dares to not flip for the in-house brand on these forums is doomed. People "shop around" with the intention to stay with the house-brand. Mere flirtations ...

I've never owned anything but Panasonic Lumix - but that does not make the numbers invalid.

Better still, have you pictures taken with both cameras, from which a judgement might be made?

No. See the first observation that I made in this post.


DM ...

PS - Have we hit the "jackpot", or something ? There are currently no less than 151 replies !!!

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