"God is my Co-Pilot" - veeery busy picture ...

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Re: "God is my Co-Pilot" - veeery busy picture ...

paulkienitz wrote:

Having a clearly located place for the eye to rest is an overrated photographic value IMHO.  Many of the pictures I feel are my best are ones that have no particular point of focus, and detail throughout.  Needless to say, other people don't tend to prefer them as much as I do.  I attribute this partly to a difference of temperament, and partly to everyone being raised on the kind of photography that's used in advertising.  I like this picture of yours.

Very interesting thoughts, Paul, on different type of pictures and the way we have been trained to look at them - raised with ads.

I do think that there is also a tradition with detail laden pics - I can stare for a long time at a lot of pics of Hieronymus Bosch for example, or the peasant paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. They fascinate because there is so much to see and discover.

Not that I would dare to compare anything I do with those two ...

Thanks for your comment and for looking!


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