Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

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Re: Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

Sudo Nimh wrote:

Matz03 wrote:

thanks for posting these, I was most interested in seeing the 25mm and 45mm perspective and wow, even bigger difference that I thought!  The age old rule is that a 50mm equivalent (your 25mm image) lens is bad for head shots and it obviously shows.  Your 45mm picture finally doesn't show that distortion and going up from there doesn't change things too much.

I see the big difference between 17mm and 25mm. At 17mm and shorter, you feel close to the subject. I actually like that close feel for a lot of head shots, especially of young kids with their flawless complexions and especially when there's something interesting in the background.

Ditto here.

I really don't see that much difference between 25mm and 45mm.  The "jump" in view happens between 17mm and 25mm : if there had been more "background", it would have been even clearer, I feel.

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