Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

Arree wrote:

thomas2279f wrote:

Interesting read - agree that Nikon should develop a pro Video line like Sony & Canon

Personally i never understand why to put video in a camera made for shooting pics.

If I ever wanted a video camera I should buy a sony, they have more experience with video, and I believe most of us see video on  a nikoncamera more as a catched to try out few times then as a well develloped part of a photocamera.

Once you've invested in some phenomenal large aperture lenses that you spent thousands on, you might think differently about wanting to use them for video in some circumstances.

Ok some moms and dads might use it more often but then you have to ask again do they really need a D400 ?

I do not think so, I know it is just an opinion.

I use my Phone for calling, SMS, I never even tried to make a photo, why should I ?

Well, see if you can convince hundreds of millions of people who take photos with their phone ever day.  Do you honestly have your D300 with you at all times.  I don't.  So, when I don't, I take photos with my phone.

why should I use internet on a mobilephone screen if a computer or laptop give me a much better view ?

Because you don't have a laptop or computer connected to the internet when you're out and about, but your phone is connected to the internet.  Again, look around, mobile internet access is the fastest growing method of internet access in the world.

Just give me a higher/lower ISO camera, some more MP`s 16-20would be fine for me, ofcourse some extra fps(though I do not really need it) and improved AF .

Call me oldfashioned if you want, but we all get older, need glasses, these days it looks like they only make electronics for youngsters while the population in this world becomes older.

"Youngsters" as a group buy more tech devices than those of us who are a bit older.  That doesn't mean that you and I don't, just that our age group as general doesn't buy as much of this stuff thus we aren't targeted as much.  If you're not accessing the internet on your phone, then I guess you're an example of one who isn't using the latest tech for getting on the internet when mobile.

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