DSLR camera in portrait mode

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Re: DSLR camera in portrait mode

I asked the same question a few months back. I've got an old heavy Gitzo tripod with a center column and a new Giottos ballhead. About 10kg capacity. I wondered what L Brackets were all about.

The folks who responded said the L bracket gives you speed when switching from landscape to portrait mode on a tripod. Using the drop-down slot on a ballhead is slow. And, to some extent not very repeatable. You have to set that angle level each time you switch.

And with some heavier lenses, flopping a ballhead into the slot throws off the balance of the tripod. With an L bracket, the weight of camera and lens are always centered on the ball.

If you are a pro, the L bracket with QR is a must. For an amateur like me, I'll pass. Way too much money for those fancy names with high prices. And I'm not in a hurry.

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