D800 Noise

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Re: D800 Noise

Do you have any examples? It could very well be the conditions you are shooting in or your exposure. This has been more or less accepted to be untrue, although one poster did post an example where their was a SLIGHT difference (though is not conclusive to be from firmware change)...although to my eyes the updated version had more solid blacks which to me gave it a better iso performance...agin this was minimal and as far as I am confirmed there is no recorded evidence through strict scientific testing.

have you read up on this before noticing it yourself? It could be a side affect of fear that one of your cameras strong points has been affected :(.  Also you are shootin RAW right? If not what is your sharpening settings and if so what are you using to process raw files and is the default sharpening too high? this could be bringing out any noise that is there.

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