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Thanks Eric. I am a very experienced Mac  user. I have much experience moving files to different folders or folders/files to the desktop. Lion has me baffled. No I am discovering the the 447 GB on stuff on my older iMac has become almost 1 T on the new, using Lion.

There is no such change in OSX. This is a user error and you have surely duplicated your data somewhere. How did you install Lion? Did you use the Migration Assistant to import User Accounts, Data and Apps?

I agree in principle but simplifying it to user error doesn't help much. Ain't a user alive who doesn't make errors, that's why apps come with an undo command and delete puts stuff in a trashcan rather than really deleting it.

The key issue is what has gone wrong?

The main thing the OP needs to understand is that he is not learning Lion differences here. Lion is fundamentally the same as other OSX versions. Everything works more or less the same, with a few changes under the hood in support of enhanced security and a slight change in focus on the UI (gradual shift to touch).

The missing space, the copy instead of move, and the requests for authentication, all point to the same thing. A user permissions problem.

If you don't have full access to the source, a move becomes a copy. That's just standard OSX. A drag would normally move (on the same volume), but that requires permission to modify the source, if you don't have that, it becomes a copy.

That would explain both the extra space used and the move changing to copy.

If you don't have the required permission to the Target, that would explain the Authentication request.

So this smells strongly of a user permission problem.

However, the extra space suggests that a further issue may have now been caused because of those permissions. So there are two problems to attack. The permissions and the space.

First, I'd attack the permission issue (it might also fix the space issue).

Have a read through this support discussion at the Apple forum including the referenced links. Just so you can relate to impact of user permission problems.

If you think you have a user permission problem, reset your permissions and ACLs. See the last paragraph of this posting for instructions. It's quite simple, and will probably fix the underlying issue.

To recover the missing space, once the permissions and ACLs have been fixed, create/copy any file and then delete it. Then empty the trash and see if the space comes back.

If not, download Omni Disk Sweeper (free) or WhatSize (now shareware but older versions were free and may be cached somewhere) to track down where the space has gone and deal with it accordingly.

If you find your data has been duplicated, make sure you find out which version you've been working with and updating before deleting it.


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