To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

DRode wrote:

Rent one for a few days and get some good glass to go with it. There is no reason to spend $2k on a full frame body and pair it with a mediocre kit lens. So, look at renting something like the 24-70.

I rented a Canon 6D with the 50/1.2 lens this past week (for a whole week). I had bought a Nikon D600 and Sigma 50/1.4, but the camera arrived with about 15 spots on the sensor. I had read too many horror stories about the spots so I sent it back after a few days of use. I didn't want to have to clean my sensor often and potentially send the camera in for a fix some day. Meh. So I tried the Canon 6D. I know the focal length I like is 35 or 50 on FF (I'd probably get those 2 lenses only).

Like the OP, I wanted better low light performance. I want shots like this at ISO 12,800 and using all of the 50/1.2 (at f/1.2):

and certainly I wanted better out of focus areas:

I also tried the RX1 for a spell. I spent considerable time comparing the RX1 to my Sony NEX 5N with the Zeiss 24. If I shoot in good light then the difference is much harder to distinguish between the NEX and FF cameras. But turn down the available light and I think the difference becomes apparent pretty quickly.

I didn't like the size of the Canon 6D, but temps in New Orleans were in the low 80s and the strap got hot. I'd probably go with the Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap and I wouldn't mind the size of the Canon 6D with that strap. I used to have a Nikon D70 and I found it to be too big, but that was before I learned photography and I just wanted a big camera to seem more official. My results weren't always good so taking the big camera wasn't appealing. Now I have specific needs for wanting a FF camera and I am sure I can handle taking it everywhere because I am determined to shoot every single day and sometimes many hundreds of shots a day. But the FF camera needs to be on my neck because it's too heavy to hold in my hand like my NEX 5N (with a wrist strap). And the RX1 was small and light, but it didn't have the built in grip like the 5N so that was crummy. I also thought the AF of the RX1 was no better than my 5N and that was really disappointing.

Anyway, I really liked taking 1.5 years to learn on my NEX 5N before considering an upgrade. I learned the focal length that I prefer the most and I learned the type of photography that I like to shoot the most. That makes purchasing FF lenses a much easier transition (I bought many lenses on my NEX that I ended up not using just because I wasn't sure). But I'll keep my 5N for my fisheye lens and a few other focal lengths that I only sometimes use. I have a little Canon backpack that can hold a FF camera and lens and also the NEX and lens along with 3 or 4 other lenses. Small, but portable enough.

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