Fotodiox softbox junk or not?

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Re: Fotodiox softbox junk or not?

Sailor Blue wrote:

Think about it - you have thousands of dollars of camera, lenses, and studio equipment and you want to buy a cheap softbox that got terrible reviews.

No experience with Fotodiox but the old adage that you get what you pay for apparently applies from the reviews.

The softboxes from PCB are high quality at a very reasonable price.

Buy quality and you won't regret it.

Thanks or the response.

Paul C. Buff softboxes may be good; but I'm just trying to suss out the competition, like I do in any new purchase.

Nearly all reviews on Amazon have wildly different opinions / reviews, some of them totally wrong or unreasonable. What I'm trying to determine is a few simple things from forum members here:


What is the speedring made out of? I assume the reviewer means plastic, not plaster. But I want to know whether that is true or not. Plus any other things anyone is willing to share.


If the speedring is made out of silver-painted plastic, I will give the Fotodiox a wide berth

If it's metal, I may buy one to try.

If I just bought things from well-established brands, I'd never get to discover the many great products I have in doing some simple research, because there are a lot of inexpensive but good quality products out there. Even if I do end up with junk, it's usually not 100% useless, so I can give it some other uses.


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