Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Sorry for interrupting, but...

tasad wrote:

thanasaki wrote:

Dear tasad, I just looked into this thread after quite a while and I discovered that me "thanasaki" and my friend and shooting buddy "britties" have been "accused" and also already "convicted" by including us on some (undoubtfully honest and respectfull) members' blacklists, without ANY notice. I admit that you made a very good work on showing a great number of very similar photos of us two and -obviously with honesty- claiming that we were cheaters. In fact they are photos of the many times (almost once a week over the last 3-4 years) where we go shooting together. Conanfuji -whom I respect very much, but know only from his excellent challenge hostings - has guessed 100% the right figure. We, thanasaki and britties are simply SHOOTING BUDDIES and fully respect the rules and ethics of DPreview's "Challenges". If you 'd look more closely to the exif information of the photos of both photographers, you will discover different serial numbers on our cameras (we have both a D90 and D700, though I posess a D300, D7000 and a D5000 aswell). In some very rare occasions we lend also eachothers camera for a quick shot with the right lens on, and sometimes it also can happen that the exifs of the our pictures are partly corrupted due to postproccessing and uploading (I personally discovered "future dated" on quite a few of my submissions due to data transmission errors while uploading. So, I'd  like like to ask you and of course all the other members, active on DPreview's "challenges" to read this notice and eventually figure out their opinion.

BTW, if any questions and doubts raise again, a personal message to me first, would be -I think- the right thing to do.

Dear thanasaki ,

did I call you a cheater or did I ask you a question ?  The thread theme is : " Negative voting destroys challenges "  - not  : " What shoud be done with cheats ? " . My  intention was to ask a question   about an ethical dissonanse between writing about "honest voting " and doing "honest voting . How can you vote honestly and anonymously , if you enter a challenge together with your "shooting buddy "  ?

If you feel ethically innocent  and if you fully respect ethics of DPR challenges - can you post here  screenshots of yours and britties voting history ( from finished challenges of my choice ) ?

Hi all

Interesting thread!

As a host I always have to assume everyone is honest and has an honest intention. However there are cheaters here, which I think is totally unacceptable, since it completely destroys the fun for everyone else. It surprises me that DPreview accepts these. They should be permanently banned.

Personally I enjoy the Capture Date Rule challenges very much, since I find it really being a lot of fun taking my equipment trying to capture a specific photo for that particular challenge. A process that starts in my head, thinking about what pic I want to achieve and then going out trying to do just that.

Having said all this, I think it is too much to demand of someone to present screen shots to prove their innocence. of course 2 friends will support each other somewhat in a challenge, but as long as it is not systematic cheating downgrading other good shots it is "part of life". Like Bill Gates said "Life is not always fair. Just deal with it."

The super easy and very effective solution is POSITIVE VOTING! Why DPreview does not introduce this system is a completely alien to me. It should be a no-brainer.

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