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Re: You want to use Shutter Priority not Aperture Priority

For a number of reasons-

1) first and foremost diffraction sets in pretty early on these lens and you start to lose resolution once you go past one stop less than wide open.  I used Aperture Priority for months and found I rarely strayed much from wide open so it was of no real use to me.

2)  You get a good DOF even wide open because of the size of these sensors, so again keep it close to wide open.

3) with shutter priority you can decide on the level of image stability that you want, not leave it to the camera, and this setting also helps you keep AUTO ISO under control (should you use it.)

4) sometimes I select a really fast shutter speed to force negative exposure compensation, like for example when imaging the moon or a really high contrast scene.

I find shutter priority, spot metering, continuous AF, center AF, a nice combo to use.

And I am not impaired with shutter speeds I get everything from 1 second at ISO 3200 which can illuminate a near total dark scene to 1/4000 sec..... and none of these impair lens resolution.

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