E M-5 and lenses . Reason to be concerned?

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Re: E M-5 and lenses . Reason to be concerned?

Valentinian wrote:

And here comes my concern:

Panasonic and others keep releasing cameras, lenses, and more are coming out.

And Olympus? why don't we see other Olympus lenses coming up? What's happening there? did I invest in a sound system?

It's been said many times before, cameras & lenses are not an investment. For those who work professionally, they are a depreciating asset; for the rest -- it's a cost of having fun. They are pretty much like cars, only losing value faster. While cars lose 50% of their value in 3-4 years, cameras do that in 1-2 years. How you 'drive' them, how often you change them is up to you. But eventually, every system dies and needs to be completely replaced. Consumer cameras have pretty short life span and the obsolescence seem to be only accelerating. Falling sensor costs will change the current camera landscape dramatically in the coming years, a big wave of inexpensive FF designs is approaching, so all current cameras & lenses are not likely to retain much of their value in 5 years, only decent FF lenses will have a longer life span.

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