Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

Started Apr 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
Paul Crouse Junior Member • Posts: 49
Re: A Nikon D800 is overkill by a hundred miles

A D800 is the wrong tool for your intentions.

People on this website often get caught up with "I must have the best!" and then spend way too much money on a tool miles above their skill level -- or need. This website enables over consumption.

You are much better off spending money and time taking a photography class -- or paying someone to tutor you.

If you can not get good images from a D7100, then you will not get good images from a D800. You will become very frustrated.

Betters lenses will help. 16-85mm and 70-200 f4 with your D7100 should fill most of your needs.

Why do you need 35 megapixel files? Are photographing in a studio for train station posters?

Good luck.


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