Software suggestion(s) for culling through massive amount of photos

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Re: Software suggestion(s) for culling through massive amount of photos

daroga wrote:


Is there a piece of software out there that can read the EXIF data for date created / taken and move the pictures into folders based on the month that the image was taken? What I would like to do is have it move every image taken in December 2012 into a folder named 2012-12, June 2011 into a folder named 2011-06, etc.


I use the batch rename functionality in Irfanview ( to do this - I rename to a rename pattern that includes the date (year and month): $T(%Y_%m)\$F and specify the output folder where I want to create these (copying the originals just because I'm paranoid, but you could also move the originals). $F simply renames to the original file with extension - so no changes are made. You must have the EXIF plugin installed in Irfanview for this to work... I'm still prompted by Irfanview to confirm the creation of the new folder since they don't yet exist but this is a minor inconvenience to click "yes" a few times for batch jobs.

Irfanview is free - give it a try to see if it suits your needs (from a happy customer - no other relationship to Irfanview).


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