SEL20F28 impresses and puzzles at the same time

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Re: SEL20F28 impresses and puzzles at the same time

DtEW wrote:

Do you have any particular thoughts on the SEL16F28 vs the SEL20F28?

(In my currently ignorant opinion, Sony missed an opportunity to nab upgraders by neither increasing the speed nor including OSS in the new lens. But not being an optics engineer, this might not even be something that was possible. Going to 20mm was a good move now that there is the SEL1018, though.)

Yes, I have always found the E16 quite usable  but it usually comes in my bag already mated with the ECU1 adapter, to make for a 12mm effective FL - I like the 12mm view at times.

By itself, I find the 16mm not a good FL for a prime lens - it is too wide. I also did not like the distortion that it shows if people faces are near the edges. The E20 solves this, imho, it is a perfect lens to bring as the sole lens to social gatherings.

Both lenses make the camera extremely compact. With the 5N, I can put the camera with either E16 or E20 in a belt pouch, and it goes unnoticed.

I did bring the E24Z to indoor parties, but at f/1.8 the DOF is simply too narrow for a number of shots (when people are not standing in the focal plane). Better to use flash sometimes.

I don't like f/2.8 per se, based on my travels with the Sigma 19 and 30, but it is better than e.g. f/4 to f/5 that you get in the kit lens.

I think that the E20 is very expensive for what it is, and I agree with you, that for the price delta to the Sigma 19, the E20 could have added more than simply 'pancake'. E.g. OSS or f/2.0 would have been a big bonus, imho.

I am not sure that the E20 will be an 'upgraders' target, given its cost. I also do not think that it will be a kit lens, also given its cost. But, if the cost is not an issue, the lens is a nice addition.

For those that have the compact 'almost pancake' E1650P, the E20 does not add much indeed (1 stop, no OSS), I would recommend the E35 (f/1.8) for $100 more.

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