Photographing a Person: A test of focal lengths

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Suggestion for a ReShoot, love the 1st photo the best

Thanks for your effort, but due to the changing lighting + different angles, the test isn't useful.  For example, I like the 1st photo the best because it has the best exposure and lighting.  You lose the light on 3rd and 4th photo, and the color balance is also quite different.

May I suggest a reshoot:

  • 1. Use a Tripod on a 2 seconds timer.  This way your camera is FIXED in place
  • 2. No Fence as Background.  Try to find a long Open Space as your Background.  This way, we can see how focal length affect Telephoto-Compression on noisy background
  • 3. Try to shoot within an hour under the same lighting, same light angle
  • 4. use MANUAL EXPOSURE and fixed that exposure.  So each photo doesn't look wildly different from another
  • 5. use MANUAL WHITE BALANCE, so each photo share the same color balance
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