Best software for Nikon Coolscan V ED and Leopard?

Started Mar 18, 2008 | Discussions thread
graybalanced Veteran Member • Posts: 6,380
Re: Best software for Nikon Coolscan V ED and Leopard?

Vuescan has been a lifesaver. No CD needed, frequent updates, wide scanner support, cheap price for lifetime upgrades, and it can drive any scanner I have ever owned since the 1990s. Which means no need to remember how different scanner utilities have one application and one UI to drive them all.

The biggest advantage of VueScan has been that as scanner manufacturers stopped updating their software over the years (I'm looking at YOU Nikon), VueScan has been the bridge that keeps on letting my old scanners keep on truckin' through the very latest system updates that break other old software. VueScan is awesome.

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