Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Re: Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

paulski66 wrote:

RhysM wrote:

But instead of crippling the D600 to separate it from the D800, why not improve the D800? Create a 61 point AF system like Canon has for the 5D MKIII, make it sync at 1/500, etc

So, they're going to retroactively do this for a camera that has been on the market for 6 months?

Should they recall all of the d800s they have already released, and retrofit those at no cost to the consumers? Because you know all of the early adopters will howl if suddenly their d800s are "weaker" in specifcation to the newer ones rolling off the line.

Of course, you do realize there's another possibility, right? Nikon isn't painted into an unescapable corner, right? D810 with AF as the other guy says, D600 with 51-pt AF module. Actually, now that the D7100 is out, the latter case seems like *the* unescapable corner, don't it?

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