E M-5 and lenses . Reason to be concerned?

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Re: E M-5 and lenses . Reason to be concerned?

I gave that a lot of thought before I bought into the Oly system.

You can put Pany lenses on an Oly body and still have IS, but there's no IS with Oly lenses on a Pany body.  So, it seems to me that Oly bodies are more versatile; and you have access to the vast array of Oly, Pany, and other lens makers who don't supply lens IS.

Considering the present Oly and Pany lens lineups, I can't think of what's missing that I would want.  Well, I guess it would be nice if the Oly 9-18mm could go a little shorter like the Pany SWA.  I already have 5 lenses and that's enough.

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