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JimPearce wrote:

There's a world of difference between using a test as a diagnostic tool where there is a problem, and using the test to "discover" a problem. My D300, D300s and D7100 all nail focus on the left in my normal practice - which is 300mm to 700mm at f3.5 to f7.1. I don't have an issue with using this test on a D800 where shooting wide and fast is part of the rationale for the camera - as long as we know that the lens being used is itself well-behaved. But I have a real problem with testing the D7100 at f1.8 with a 35mm f1.8. And who knows how a D3, D300, D700 etc. - all of the previous cameras with a 51 point autofocus - would fare on this test?

I agree with the sentiment, Jim, but let's take this out of the hands of the 4 and 5 stop pushes and revisit Mattila's original comments:

Anyway, I had a feeling that exposure with D7100 was not quite what I was used to. So, today I shot some quick practice shots around the house to get a feeling of it. While there was no noticeable difference in exposure between my trusty D90 and the D7100, going into Adobe Lightroom 4.4 I noticed that one D7100 picture had minor streaking visible in the shadows. I pushed exposure by +2 and saw this:

Mattila was not looking for problems...one cropped up during casual shooting. It was observable without pushing.  That's a different situation than the "banding at black and pushed" experiments with the D5200 that started this whole thing off.

Now we might argue that the "interior shot with a blown out window" is not a good shot to make, but the "bad" aspects of it are not unusual in many shots that a non-pro might make, and Mattila's actions to push shadows to observe the effect more clearly aren't ill-advised, either. Similar things would be done by A-DL.

Consider that the starting image was actually not blown - the brightest parts of the window were still 2 stops under saturation, and, more concerning, that the OP's D90 showed little or no streaking, and you begin to wonder what is going on here.

I'm all for retaining a sense of perspective.  I'm also not quite willing yet to dismiss this as measurebating, because of the way in which it was discovered.

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