To go full frame or not?

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Re: Perspective of someone that has a Nikon D600 and a NEX-7

I recently chose the NEX-6 over the D600, D7100, NEX-7 and a number of other bodies that have greater specifications related to IQ. For example, all have more pixles. The D600 has significantly lower noise and somewhat better DR at higher ISOs. The D7100 is apparently a little better in high ISO and DR. Every body, including the NEX-6 bested my D300s in every IQ measurement.

However, would these supposed advantages make a tangible difference in my photography? For me, the answer was no. I did not want or need 24MP or more. 12MP was enough, so 16MP was  more than enough. As for noise and/or high dynamic range scenes, I have techniques that work from my D300 and prior. They work better with the NEX-6. Most of all, because it's smaller and lighter, I'll take the NEX-6 with me instead of leaving it behind.

Nevada Landscapes wrote: <snip>When I want the best possible quality I grab the D600, when I want good quality...</snip>

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