What would you charge?

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Re: What would you charge?

Truelight wrote:

I recently took some headshots for a government (law enforcement) agency of their employees.  (A few years back, I worked there myself, so this is why they know me and my work).  They are pleased with the photo and now have asked if I'd like to do photos of all their employees (around 200) who are located at about six locations around the state.

This will require some long-distance travel, overnight lodging and of course the photo sessions as well as post processing.  I have the skills and equipment necessary to do the job, but have never done anything of this scale before.

Give me your thoughts on how you would bill for something like this and any other tips you might offer.


Since they're law enforcement i.e. the good guys, and also old colleagues of yours I would suggest covering all your expenses  and a nominal fee for your time. This way you're gaining experience, earning a little bit of money and keeping them happy.

Obviously as you're doing it for a knock-down price, make sure you undertake the work at a time that is sympathetic to any other money making bookings you've got in the pipeline.

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