How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

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Re: How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

Don't sweat Raid0/1/10/5/6...  too much.

Look at your requirements and needs.

Perhaps you can also use "just a bunch of disks" and a decent backup policy.  You can even do up to the moment backups of your real drive to a second drive.  You can save save money not buying getting tons of disk for raid.  Get one drive for your OS and Apps,  Get one big drive for your fotos, get an identical one for your backup.

Get reliable backup software like Storage Craft's Image Protect.  You can do once a day, twice a day, weekly or whatever backups you require based on your needs. You can also do realtime backups.  You can also do backups over a network to a remote location or a USB to take off-site.

I do a Full Backup weekly, twice daily backups of what changed and maintain 3 version sets of backups - going back a ways in time.  Also off-site backups.

I used to have RAID then figured I was risking a lot of time to rebuild from a major outage.

Storage Craft is so reliable that I test it by building on a new machine from bare metal and run a recovery - it works!  Good luck with a raid solution...  Either way you'll need a backup plan.  I manage Terabytes of fotos with no issues.

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