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Re: Another question

John M Roberts wrote:

Howard Moftich wrote:

If you look at System Information, I'm willing to bet you'll find 2x 4G sticks, not 1x 8G so you'll end up pulling out the original '8G' (keep it as Apple gets nasty if you bring it in for service w/ 3rd party memory).

Good to know, thanks. I'm not sure with this model of iMac that Apple would be disturbed adding your own RAM for on their site they state the capabilities of doing so. That I don't think they would do if it would void warranty.

Apple doesn't have any problems with you installing RAM on the 27" iMac, and provided that you do not break anything, it doesn't void your warranty.

However, if something goes wrong with your Mac, they may want to determine whether it's an issue with the computer, or with the third-party RAM.  If you can remove the third-party RAM and put the Apple RAM back in, that makes it easier to see if the problem is with the computer, or with the third party RAM.

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