D7100 'streaking'

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Re: Streaking gets worse with lower exposure

Horshack wrote:

Here are two exposures, 1EV apart, shot at both ISO 100 and 200. The lower exposure is much worse, indicating it is something with the shadow+channel balancing/black clipping for rows which also have saturated pixels

I think in the higher exposure there's streaking in both the top and the bottom half, with, just a few lines left out below. But in the lower exposure, there is full streaking save a few lines above, and much leass streaking below, therefore the "contrast".

>> I just checked with the Nikon staff at the NAB Nikon booth in Vegas. They confirm that your conclusions regards what's going on regards the streaking example here are pretty far off base.

But perhaps the more salient question would be why is this happening in the first place. Do you think they might hazard a guess?

That'd mean admitting the problem, and I wouldn't thing salespeople would be authorized for this. Unless Nikon already had a fix for it

Banding, streaking and left autofocus point alignment are being conjured up by specialized testing far outside of the realm of normal picture taking with a DX camera, even at the professional level.

I'm not so sure about this. Banding is indeed weak, but the streaking might become disturbing in practice. Wide DR has been one of the things keeping folks from switching a lighter OM-D set, for those who like simple HDR-like processing in LR4 without having to bracket exposures... not everyones cup of tea but one of Nikon DX advantages.

As for the left AF, I still find it almost too bizarre to be true... who needs that extra resolution if the camera doesn't nail focus when the subject is on the left

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