Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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chlamchowder wrote:

It's still a very big issue when setting the ISO manually. Before I take the shot, I often glance at the corner of the finder to confirm the ISO setting. Before, with my Sony a580, I would sometimes have the ISO set at some ridiculously high value from shooting in the dark earlier, and then forget to set it back when moving into better light. That doesn't really happen now that I always have the ISO value displayed with the D600.

So yes, it could be a non-issue if you confirm your ISO value before half pressing the shutter button, and don't mind giving up the frame count display. But more info in the finder is always better, in my opinion...especially if it doesn't clutter the view (which it doesn't because its on the bottom info bar)

I guess it's habit from all of my years of shooting film.... But the first thing I do when turning the camera on is look at the display and check what ISO I have set and if there is a CF card in the body. Then I check my exposure and focus modes.... all before the camera even reaches my eye to shoot with. I think most advanced shooters always pre-check their settings before use, so maybe that is why Nikon designed the VF display like they did since this is usually done using the external lcd's.

As far as not having frame count in the VF, I don't think this is a problem anymore. With film, it was a necessity. Since most people are using 16gb and bigger cards, you can shoot a long time, even in raw... And it takes a fraction of a second to glance at the cameras top LCD if you really need to know.

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