R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

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camerashy wrote:

.  I don't use MK ink so I never switch.   I also use Win 7/64

Bob - forgive my ignorance but how do you not use the MK ink, do you limit your paper type, can you permanently turn it off



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I make custom ICC Printer profiles for all my papers.  Thus, I also use PK black for matte papers also and there really isn't much differences if I compare it to using MK with the same photos.

I only use Cone inks so maybe their encapsulated pigments ink makes PK work a little better with matte papers.  Also 2% of my printing is with matte papers so it doesn't mean much to me.

All my custom ICC paper profiles (including matte papers) are made with the Premium Photo Paper Glossy media setting and I adjust the Color Density (ink laid down) slider to give me what I want.  Since I never choose matte as the Media setting, then MK is never auto selected.

Bob P.

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