LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

tedandtricia wrote:

My impression from your last few posts is that you are essentially making a full frame equivalency argument (or 1" equivalency argument in the case of the RX100),

I wouldnt say "essentially". The equivalency argument itself is a way to demonstrate a theory, not the theory itself.

though you are only now finally getting around to the whole argument so it was kind of confusing for me at least. I had to reread some Falk Lumo to make sure that's what you were doing, but it appears so.

Yes, assuming sensors of different sizes but of the same generation and technology, and if you are trying to produce absolutely equivalent images (FOV, image noise, etc) then the f stop must scale with the crop factor, mainly because of the effect that the additional light and sensor size have on noise I think. More light across a larger sensor increases the signal to noise ratio on the image, which explains the general superiority of larger sensors of the same generation of technology.

Finally, someone gets it. Thank you.

Only the LX7 even attempts the more expensive and difficult lens focal length of 24 mm equiv.

That is true. I am not arguing that RX100 is better than LX7 in every aspect. I am only focusing on the claim that LX7 has a faster lens at F1.4.

So LX7's f/7.1 equivalent aperture is a lot faster than the RX100 at its non-existent 24-28 mm focal lengths.

I think people over exaggarate the importance of 24mm. But that is just my personal view and a whole other discussion.

FWIW. I have a LX3 which I originally bought because I wanted a 24mm wide angle. After using 17-55 on Canon 60D (which is about 28mm-88mm) for 2 years I honestly cannot say I miss 24mm all that much.

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