Where is my D400?!!!

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Re: The D600 looks darn good...

jfriend00 wrote:

RonFrank wrote:

The D600 offers up a heck of a good value at the price point of the D300s.  If the D600 offered more speed it would totally beat out the D300s. As it is I would buy a D600 in a heartbeat if I wanted a new DSLR.  FF, 5.5fps, DX option for more reach (think birding), 100% view finder, HD movies, 900 shot battery, ISO 50-25,600, +++, whats not to like?

I honestly see no reason for Nikon to produce a $2000 DX body. All FF bodies can shoot in DX mode.  Sensors used to be very expensive as was memory.  That has changed.  Why bother with a DX sensor in a full sized DSLR.

The only reason for smaller sensors is smaller bodies.  Look for a mini-DSLR or hybrid to compete with the Sony NEX bodies and think beyond the conventional.  I want to see Nikon produce a NEX size body with the APS sized sensor, mirrorless, with PDAF like a DSLR!  That would be exciting!

Another post by someone who has no idea what it's like to shoot with a D300 (and by extension a D400 if Nikon makes one).  A D600 is simply nothing like a D300 and shooting with the two have very little in common.  The two cameras are very different and there is no way that a D600 is a replacement or upgrade to a D300 for someone who needs what the D300 is best at.

Also, just because a camera has a DX mode does not, in any way, mean it's an equal for a camera designed for that specific purpose.

If you want to read more about what a D400 might be like and what sets it apart, read Thom's latest article about what a D400 might be: http://www.bythom.com/.

If the D600 is everything you need, that's perfectly fine, but you might want to get a lot more educated about what the people still shooting with a D300 value in a camera before you go saying that the D600 is a perfect replacement and that there's no reason for Nikon to ever build another DX camera.  You're pretty far off base.

Also, lest you think FX sensors don't still cost a lot more than DX sensors, please explain the $1000 price difference between the D7100 and the D600.  The D7100 is a more advanced camera than the D600 in many ways except for the sensor (higher level AF, for example), yet it costs $1000 less.  Still think there's not much difference in sensor price?

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well said...

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