D600 dust - fixed??

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Re: D600 dust - fixed??

My experience with D600 dust problem.

My new D600 had the dust issue; serial number 303xxxx, and sent to Nikon service center in New York thinking of a quick turnaround. It is more than 10 days now. The status remained "Parts Hold" for a week, then status changed to "Bill" and it is there for a couple of days now. It is under warranty, so much about the bill status. I requested for the camera to be returned before week end, since I had some planned events, and Nikon cares two hoots for your urgency.

You don't get an email or anything when status changes. The attitude is, you keep checking. In fact I was planning to go to Washington Cherry blossom festival this week end, but no point going without a camera, so have to postpone it for next year.

The customer service reps have no additional info, whatever the online status is, that is all they know. They would waste all your time asking your email address, address, birthdate, hair color and so forth, and then repeat the same thing as seen in the online status. So it is just a waste of time.

I have given up on this, and keep waiting for the camera to be returned whenever that happens. I wish I had returned it to the dealer as it was within the 30 day return period.

The bottom line; Nikon service is one of the worst you would come across in the industry. I really won't like to use the camera as much as I would have used, just these bad experiences would keep coming back every time I use it. This is an example of a good purchase turning ugly and unworthy to be cherished.

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