Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Re: somewhat

Am I correct to say that for those of us who don't use auto iso this should not be an issue. I always set my iso manually.

Or you could turn it around and say that for those of us who don't constantly need to know how much space is left on the card this is not an issue.

This was the point of my question--as an Auto ISO user I don't want to give up knowing the actual ISO that Auto ISO chooses at any given moment, but cards have so much capacity these days that the remaining number of images is not something I always need to know.

It's still a very big issue when setting the ISO manually. Before I take the shot, I often glance at the corner of the finder to confirm the ISO setting. Before, with my Sony a580, I would sometimes have the ISO set at some ridiculously high value from shooting in the dark earlier, and then forget to set it back when moving into better light. That doesn't really happen now that I always have the ISO value displayed with the D600.

So yes, it could be a non-issue if you confirm your ISO value before half pressing the shutter button, and don't mind giving up the frame count display. But more info in the finder is always better, in my opinion...especially if it doesn't clutter the view (which it doesn't because its on the bottom info bar)

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