Buying a Mac Mini just got a whole lot easier

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Re: Good to know

Mateo Miller wrote:

I have the original ministack (probably over 7 years) and it is still operational.
Of course I don't either a new Macmini or ministack max so I can't verify your problem. It would seem if OWC already has a "fix" then obviously it was a wide spread problem.
Good to know. Thx.
I actually don't use wifi some I'm not sure how big of a problem it would be for me.

If I remember correctly my v2 MiniStack developed a problem with the Firewire port within a couple of years after I purchased it. I was doing a little Internet searching and came upon more than a few complaints about NewerTech enclosures... Since I got the MiniStack so I could "stack" the enclosure with my Mini it didn't make sense to me to stick with the brand since stacking it killed my WiFi signal.

The good thing about OWC is that they are decent about returns, so if it doesn't work out you won't lose your $$$.

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